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Meet Fran 'n' Mark
Fran & MarkGrowing up in an immigrant Italian family in the 1970’s you learn three things quickly…how to cultivate veggies and herbs in your backyard garden…how to cook from scratch, by texture, smell, colour and taste…and how to feed and entertain large crowds (we always had lasagna and turkey on the holidays..what do you mean you didn’t)?

Although I didn’t appreciate it at the time (what teenager wants to pick beans in the summer when the beach is calling) and with the then consumer demand of fast and more convenience type foods, (think burgers), I didn’t see my kitchen skills as a plus.

Funny that my 20 year career in adult career training would finally end with me working at a culinary arts college. With my office window overlooking the student kitchen I would watch budding chefs lovingly create unique food combinations and flavours. I was intrigued and my imagination kicked in. [Continue Reading...]